Total tax 15%

BNB Rewards

8% paid back to holders in BNB

1% goes to the VAULT! In BnB!!

LP Boosted

4% added to liquidity to BOOST the Liquidity


2% goes to marketing and development


1% goes to the VAULT! In BnB!!

Total Supply

Total supply of tokens


45% Presale

45% of the total supply has been allocated to Presale.

Presale is a 500bnb HC

40% Liquidity

40% of total tokens will be added to Liquidity in Pancake swap. This will be added with 90% of the Funds raised from presale

8% Marketing / Development

8% of tokens has been allocated to marketing and Development these will be split and some allocated to our pre-sale promoters.

7% Team

7% has been allocated for the Team. These will be divided to individual wallets and locked.

Everyone Makes Bank!

The Vault!!

Another way we reward our Holders!

Not only are you rewarded in BNB for simply just holding BankRoll all wallets in the top 75% of holders are eligible to win THE VAULT!

At significant Milestones such as hitting a 1 million dollar market cap! We will then select a wallet to receive the entire VAULT! This will be broadcasted live.

Conditions to be Eligible

in the top 75% of holders

in the Telegram Group

BankRoll Lockers

Are you sick of purchasing or trading your Crypto only to find out you’ve been ripped off?

Are you fed up with “vendors” just blocking and deleting you after you transfer them Coins?

Over sending payment and receiving SFA?


Escrow Platform

01. Send

Send your Coins to a Custom BankRoll Escrow Wallet address

05. Seller to sign

Since Trust is a 2 way street, the seller must also sign stating that the Goods/ Service has been sent or completed. This avoids the Buyer just Cancelling after the service is complete

06. Transaction Complete

If both the seller and Buyer Sign Digitally stating that the Service is Complete then the funds are automatically transferred to the sellers Nominated Wallet

02. Share with Seller

Share the Wallet ID with the Seller so they can Verify the tokens have been Received.

03. Sellers Turn

If you are Buying other Tokens, or Digital goods such as NFT’s the seller Can also send the goods to a Escrow Wallet.

04. Services

If the Seller is performing a Service or some other non Blockchain function then this must be completed before the Funds are released

07. Dispute

Should there be a situation where the seller or Buyer is not happy with the Transaction, Goods aren’t as described, faulty or the service was not Honest, Then the Funds and Goods Stay Locked in the BR Escrow Wallet a form will open on the site for both parties to explain their issues and provide any supporting proof and a BankRoll clerk Must Manually review the Transaction and determine who the funds go too.


1 The First Steps…

  • Website Launch
  • Socials Launched
  • Telegram Campaign
  • Whitelist 3 round Campaign
  • Pre-sale Complete
  • Launch on Pancake Swap
  • $1 Million Market Cap

2 Unlocking the Potential

  • Coin Gecko Listing
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • $5 Million Market Cap
  • Initial Locker Design Concept
  • $10 Million Market Cap
  • Telegram 5k Members
  • Hyper Marketing Campaign

3 Building the Bank

  • Sign affiliates
  • Beta Lockers
  • Hashrate Audit complete
  • Lockers RoadMap and Live Test
  • $25 Million Market Cap

4 The Great Expansion

  • CEX Listing
  • Finalise Staking Platform
  • Live Marketplace
  • Certik Audit
  • More TBA

Listings (Current and Upcoming)

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The Team







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